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Frankenstein Estate Real Estate
Date & Time: September 17, 2020 1:00 PM
Location: 715 W. Capital Ave., Bellevue, MI
Highlights: Don't miss the opportunity to purchase one one the elite homes in the area. Built in 1895 this is a very meticulously maintained historic Victorian home in Bellevue. This home sits on 2 plus acres in the Village. The woodwork is nearly all original adding to the historic appeal as well as the 2nd stairway to the upstairs. The interior is endless with the massive family room as you enter and large, spacious rooms. This beauty has 4 bedrooms The family of Dr. Waldo Frankenstein has asked us to liquidate this gorgeous property and personal property at auction to settle the estate. Mark your calendars for September 17, 2020 to bid on and own this gorgeous home. For more photos, information and terms for the real estate and all of the contents go to and
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EARNEST MONEY DEPOSITS Successful bidder must deposit an Earnest Money Deposit in the amount of $10,000.00 within 48 hours of the conclusion of the auction. Earnest Money Deposits are non-refundable and will be forefeited if Buyer does not consumate the transaction.

CONFIRMATION OF SALES Successful bidders are required to execute a Purchase Agreement upon conclusion of the auction. The Seller reserves the right to accept/reject any and all offers in its sole discretion.

BUYER DEFAULT In the event the successful Bidder does not execute and return the Purchase Agreement with Earnest Money Deposit within 48 hours of the conclusion of bidding said Bidder will be considered in DEFAULT and may be liable for any/all costs incurred by the Seller and/or Spaul-Ding Associates, LLC for the subsequent resale of the property.

CLOSING The balance of the purchase price for the Real Estate is due at closing. Closings will take place on or before 10/23/2020. Any/all financing costs will be the Purchaserís responsibility. Any title company closing fees will be shared equally between Purchaser and Seller.

EVIDENCE OF MARKETABLE TITLE / DEED An Owner's Policy of Title Insurance in the amount of the purchase price will provide evidence of marketable title subject to easements and restrictions of record. The cost of the Ownerís Policy will be the Sellerís responsibility. Sellers are responsible for all State/County Transfer Taxes. Seller will convey title by Warranty Deed.

REAL ESTATE TAXES Real Estate Taxes will be pro-rated to date of closing.

SURVEYS/LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS No survey has been completed for the parcel(s) being offered.. All acreage, dimensions and proposed boundaries are approximate and have been estimated based on current legal descriptions and/or aerial photos. Any maps used in the flyer and/or advertising materials to show boundaries are not a guarantee of exact lines. They are merely being used to assist prospective purchasers in locating the parcels being offered. This parcel is being sold in itís (not by the acre or square feet). No adjustments will be made in the purchase price if an actual survey reveals acreage different than estimated in any pre-sale information and/or advertising materials. Any survey the Purchaser requires will be at the Purchasers expense.

POSSESSION Possession will be on the date of closing.

CONDITION OF PROPERTY The property is being sold in ďAs Is-Where IsĒ condition with no expressed or implied warranty of any kind. The Seller and/or Spaul-Ding Associates, LLC assume that all Purchasers have inspected the condition of the property, its title, and rely on their own conclusions thereto when bidding on the property.

TIMED EVENT This Online Only Real Estate Auction is a timed event and has an auto-extend feature. Any bid placed within 5 minutes of the auction ending time will automatically extend the auction 5 minutes from when the bid is placed. The auto-extend remains active until no bids are received within the 5 minute time frame.

ANNOUNCEMENTS made by Spaul-Ding Associates, LLC prior to the close of the auction will take precedence over printed and/or verbal statements. Information in any/all of the printed or published materials has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, however the Seller and/or Spaul-Ding Associates, LLC make no guarantees as to its accuracy.

AGENCY DISCLOSURE Spaul-Ding Associates, LLC its agents, employees and/or representatives are Exclusive Agents of the Seller.

AUCTION PREMIUM A 10% auction premium will be added to the final bid and will become part of the total purchase price.

Directions: From the spotlight in Bellevue go west to this gorgeous historic property.
Contact: Spaulding Asssociates LLC
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Bellevue MI 49021
Phone: (269) 763-9494
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